About The Impostors

Our Mission

The Impostors Theatre Company stages stories at the crossroads of retrospect and innovation, where the fantastic collides with the everyday. In order to better our discourse, our relationships, and ourselves, we aim to inspire an urgency for the arts through the power of theatre.

Our Objectives

1. Challenge: To invite our audience into new worlds of thought and discourse with theatre that celebrates both the strange and the familiar.
2. Cultivate: To excite among youth a passion for the arts in order to foster freethinking and expression.
3. Coalesce: To inspire both the wide-eyed and world-weary, and confront questions and conflicts, through engagement and storytelling.

Our History

The Impostors Theatre Company was founded in the spring of 2016. This artistic collaboration, already spanning six years, evolved. There were more stories to tell, more worlds to explore. Living rooms in Chicago apartments became coves of collaboration. A cottage tucked high between lake and forest became a writer’s oasis. Thirteen artists became thirteen accomplices in a big game of make-believe, looking to make our stories a reality.