Kyle Smart
Marketing Director

You know that feeling of wonder and peace that comes with being in a place, or a moment, doing something that just makes you realize how perfect life is even when every other moment feels like you are falling apart? Kyle is most passionate about chasing that feeling. Kyle turns abstract ideas and stories into visuals. She looks to help cultivate artists and their ideas in hopes that together they can create art that invokes multiple responses. As Marketing Director, she aids in the advertising, communication, and general marketing of The Impostors. She has built our website and the visual brand for the Company, and looks to continue to create a unique universe of art.

“It’s when you have your headphones in, and the soundtrack of you blends into the world around you. It’s warm mornings in the summer walking to work. The subway stations at night; when one train flies by you and you look out the window of yours; brief glimpses of the people unaware of your existence, as you quickly become unware of theirs once more. It’s the rainy reflections of neon lights in puddles. Sunshine and fresh coffee in the park, birds singing. Rooftops and cocktails and a soft bass line. It's the sound and color of a daily moving painting. That’s what I'm looking for.”
-- Kyle Smart

Impostors Credits

Footholds Vol.4 (2023)
Graphic Designer
Miranda: A War-Torn Fable(2023)
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer
Footholds Vol.3 (2022)
Graphic Designer
Hertha Nova (2022)
Media Designer, Graphic Designer
The House of Baba Yaga (2021)
Costume Designer, Graphic Designer
Footholds 2020 (2020)
Director of Photography, Video & Audio Editor, Executive Producer, Graphic Designer 
Summer & Smoke (2020)
Costume Designer,  Graphic Designer
Tippy: Stories from the River (2019)
Graphic Designer
Footholds (2019)
Graphic Desginer
Caged: An Allegory (2019)
Costume Designer,  Graphic Designer
The Wood (2018)
Graphic Designer


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