Mallory Swisher
Social Media Director

In school growing up, there was always that kid who was never spotted without a book, who teachers would scold for reading from pages hidden underneath a desk during a lesson. That kid was Mallory Swisher, and she operates as perhaps the perfect example of why bookworms should never be underestimated. From within her tower of tomes she spent years gathering the stories, courage, and confidence to be the actor, writer, and lighting designer she is today. As a member of The Impostors, Mallory seeks to challenge herself and others to grow, change and accept that call to adventure. She’s also the Social Media Director for the Impostors, and runs our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Click below to follow!

“I see the fantastic collide with the everyday in two places: candid photographs, and time spent with children. In great candid photographs you capture a moment and the subject’s emotions or personality. That’s magical to me. And any time you spend with children is also magical. Kids are just so pure and they think in ways adults have forgotten or can’t imagine. Children can be full of unexpected humor, wisdom, and kindness, and I am constantly in awe of that. With small children especially, there is no fear or self-consciousness; they are who they are.”
-- Mallory Swisher

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