Kayla Belec

Anyone who has met Kayla understands she has a warm and welcoming presence. She enjoys being the person who makes others laugh and feel comfortable, and she is sensitive to the needs of the group. This thoughtfulness and consideration carries over to her work as a writer and an actor. She works to craft the genuine and sincere in all that she pursues--capturing moments of joy, respecting periods of pain, and exploring all that comes between. Kayla is happy to be among a group of artists who share similar values and follow the same mission. Some of her writing can be found on The Impostors Blog.

“We want to generate discussion in meaningful and lasting ways, not just with sharp impact. And so we focus on storytelling that is both familiar and fresh--it sneaks up on you and coaxes you to try and understand what it's asking.”
-- Kayla Belec

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