Ethan Gasbarro
Ensemble Member

Ethan has been with The Impostors every step of our journey and has never failed to embrace each challenge with determination and his unique problem-solving outlook. As an accomplished set designer, Ethan’s passions lie in a job well-done and utilizing his analytical mind to execute his designs. Ethan’s incomparable work ethic and consideration shine through with every interaction. His talents are ever-growing and he is consistently one of the company’s MVPs.

Ethan is always looking to learn new skills, not just in the theatre, but in cooking, golf, or wherever his passions carry him. For Ethan, math has always been a source of endless fascination and a sense with which to make sense of our world. Ethan cites his greatest accomplishment to date as the adoption of his beloved cat, Bancroft.

“[It is important to me] to have great working relationships and to build a community of people who you can consider friends. Trusting in one another and working toward a common goal is super important. We are all human, and it can be easy to forget that sometimes.”

Impostors Credits

The Last Living Gun(2023)
Set Designer
Footholds Vol. 4 (2023)
Set Designer
Miranda: A War-Torn Fable (2023)
First Soldier
Windwalkers (2022)
Set Designer
Footholds Vol. 3 (2022)
Set Designer/Technical Director
Hertha Nova (2022)
Set Designer
The House of Baba Yaga (2021)
Technical Director
Footholds 2020 (2020)
Producer, Audio Engineer and Sound Operator, Camera Operator
Summer & Smoke (2020)
Set Designer
Tippy: Stories from the River (2019)
Set Designer
Footholds (2019)
Set Designer
Caged: An Allegory (2019)
Set Designer
The Wood (2018)
Set Designer


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