Keaton Stewart
Ensemble Member

All Keaton Stewart has ever wanted to do was meet new people and perform. In her childhood, her mother made a ritual of acting out her favorite fairy tale; since then, she has dreamed of telling stories that create laughter and provide moments to cherish and remember. In The Impostors, she found a group of people who passionately share the same desire. As an actor, she draws inspiration from nature and those with whom she collaborates. When she is not performing, Keaton is involved in the play development process, combining both her problem solving skills and her artistic qualities as she edits, brainstorms, and creates.

“‘Cultivate’ - one of the definitions for this word involves applying oneself to improving or developing one’s mind. That’s so important to me. We must always be working to better our minds. This is the only way we can improve. I know I will never have all the answers, but that’s never muddled my curiosity for discovering as much as possible.”
--Keaton Stewart

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