B Valek
Audience Services Director

B is an incredible stage manager for a number of reasons. For one thing, they pride themself on creating safe, loving spaces to create and grow as an artist. Becky says the kind of stage manager they want to be is someone you can trust, not only to get the job done but on a personal level, too. Growing up, B dealt with insecurities about being wanted and liked. Shortly after turning 18, they experienced grief that fundamentally changed them and caused them to gain perspective on things that truly matter. Now, they're in an almost constant state of reformation. They find validation from within, and they do not withhold from validating others.

To B, it’s a waste of time to go through life without telling the people you love how you feel about them—they believe we should say “I love you” as often as possible. They find magic in Christmas lights on houses, street lights reflecting off the wet asphalt at night, old buildings with ivy on the walls, memories of sledding outside of their neighbors’ home, and, of course, the sensation one’s left with after watching a really good play. With the Impostors, Becky seeks to cultivate meaningful relationships with artists, audiences, and loved ones alike.

“[Jenny Slate] doesn’t shy away from the uncomfortable emotions, and she’s very open and vulnerable about the anxieties that come with making art–which are prevalent and not talked about very often. At the same time, she is also quite private…I think artists can benefit from keeping certain things private and not exposing all parts of ourselves to an audience, and Jenny strikes that balance so well. In an industry like art that is so public, there is beauty and power in having things that are only yours.”

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