Emily Gulbrandsen

After years of telling herself “No, I can’t,” she finally said : “Yes, I can.” She’s never been happier. Emily is passionate about self-love. There are so many loud forces in the world that tell people how they should be, how they should look, and how to hide things about themselves. She wants to live in a world where people can love themselves unapologetically just the way they are. For Emily, storytelling is a beautiful exposure to the lives we have never lived and shoes we have never worn. She hopes to create stories that people can find themselves in, but also find a better understanding for others and their respective lives. She is an Impostor because she believes in our fearlessness and our ability to create something bigger than any of us could have ever imagined.

“Theatre is a reflection of reality, and in order to create the diverse reality we live in, we have to inspire people to pursue the arts. It’s so important to make theatre (and the arts in general) accessible to EVERYBODY of different social classes and backgrounds. It is no secret that the arts are solace for many young people who feel unsafe and unable to express themselves. I hope our company inspires many people so the arts can continue to provide a safe space for children to freely be themselves.”
-- Emily Gulbrandsen

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