Stefan Roseen
Artistic Director

As Artistic Director, Stefan’s goal is to organize, incite, and guide the artistic events, processes, and goals of The Impostors Theatre Company while also making sure to uphold the mission, vision, and objectives of the ensemble. He aims to ignite passion and conversation through theatre and by embracing the art of the pretend. The stage, for Stefan, provides a place for community and play at the crossroads of the fantastical and the everyday. At these crossroads, the artist and the spectator discover together the wonderful, infuriating, and ultimately rewarding mysteries of coexistence. The seemingly mundane (the crooked shadow, the narrow alleyway, and the passing stranger) has always fed Stefan’s curiosity and imagination. The desire to stage, expose, and explore these imaginings is what led him to found The Impostors.

“Storytelling is the best way to whisper a desired perspective, a feeling, an emotion, a view point, a visceral response into someone’s ear who would otherwise be closed off to listening or seeing. It holds the power to exhilarate and impassion. It’s what brings people together even when there is discourse. Storytelling has the ability to change someone’s mind, and that is extremely rare and important.”
– Stefan Roseen

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