Rachel Borgo
Executive Director

Rachel feels it is her duty to help bring stories to their feet to do their work on the world. This means as a writer, she crafts her own stories carefully and honestly. Rachel understands theatre as a necessarily communal art, meant to conjoin person to person, and story to reality. Her fellow Impostors will attest that she is reliable for her thoughtfulness, willingness to collaborate, and her supply of tasty edibles, such as: pretzels, half a wheel of Brie, and uncut avocados. She’s an Impostor because she’s a performer who wears many masks. To her, that used to mean she might have been a liar or a fraud. She’s now realizing she’s a lot of things, but a human above all.

“The world, as I've experienced it so far as a wise twenty-two-year-old, is pretty mundane. Not in a boring way, more in a tea-time-again way, and I like tea. But I like it best when I'm writing, because the page is where the everyday questions and discoveries of life can play with the fantastic.”
-- Rachel Borgo

Impostors Credits

Windwalkers (2022)
Footholds Vol. 3(2022)
Production Director
Hertha Nova (2022)
Playwright & Stage Manager
The House of Baba Yaga (2021)
Spirit of the House
Hertha Nova: A Radio Reading (2021)
Playwright & Dialect Coach
Footholds 2020 (2020)
Assistant Director, Executive Producer
Summer & Smoke (2020)
Tippy: Stories form the River (2019)
Caged: An Allegory (2019)
Dramaturg & Script Supervisor
The Wood (2018)
The Wood Staged Reading (2017)

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