Rachel Borgo
Executive Director

The incomparable Rachel Borgo dons many important hats (or, shall we say, masks) in The Impostors Theatre Company: Executive Director, production director of Footholds, resident dramaturg, occasional stage manager supreme, and ensemble writer (her original play, Hertha Nova, earned The Impostors seven Jeff nominations).

There's no one "thing" Rachel prefers to do over other avenues of creativity, though dramaturgy has become a quiet love of hers that hovers behind the scenes of her more overt talents. Rachel relishes the ability to stretch all her muscles without concerning herself with perfection–turns out, the more work you do, the less preoccupied you become with the "right way" to do the work.

Diplomatic to a fault, Rachel’s utmost priority is to create a sense of community among our artists. She wants everyone to know that they can ask for help—be it professional or personal. As a company that celebrates hyper-focused specialists and multi-hyphenate dabblers alike, Rachel appreciates the challenges our company tackles and the network of artists who help champion them. From her stage debut as Butterfly #2 to executive director of Chicago's cool kids' table, Rachel has no idea how she arrived, but she's happy to be here.

“Wherever you can find a unique reflection within the endless mirrorscape of storytelling—that's something to dig your teeth into. We are so inundated with stories, fictional or otherwise, and ‘there's no such thing as originality.’ But when there's a deconstruction of the expected or a new perspective on the old, that handmade element shines just as bright as a golden original. As storytellers, we want to enjoy the comfortable living room drama, but then we want to light it on fire and sift through the ashes for that little bit of petrified treasure to take for the road. It's my belief that we shouldn't let the myth of originality keep us from getting our hands dirty, looking for something shiny.”

Impostors Credits

Footholds Vol. 4 (2023)
Production Director
Miranda: A War-Torn Fable (2023)
Stage Manager
Windwalkers (2022)
Footholds Vol. 3(2022)
Production Director
Hertha Nova (2022)
Playwright & Stage Manager
The House of Baba Yaga (2021)
Spirit of the House
Hertha Nova: A Radio Reading (2021)
Playwright & Dialect Coach
Footholds 2020 (2020)
Assistant Director, Executive Producer
Summer & Smoke (2020)
Tippy: Stories form the River (2019)
Caged: An Allegory (2019)
Dramaturg & Script Supervisor
The Wood (2018)
The Wood Staged Reading (2017)

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