The House of Baba Yaga

By Ruth Smart

November 5-20, 2021

7:30pm Thurs-Sat | 3pm Sun

Four teenagers break into a secluded, likely-condemned, definitely-haunted house in the woods. An evening of proverbial secret sharing and scare tactics quickly escalates into a frightening, supernatural game. Because the house really isn’t abandoned at all—its tenant is one of the most ancient witches in all time, and she’s been calling this game for a lot longer than her guests. The prize? Walking away with their lives.

Written by Impostor Ruth Smart and brought to its taloned feet by a team of visionaries, The House of Baba Yaga plunges—or, rather, skyrockets—its characters and audience into the belly of a larger-than-life funhouse. This contemporary take on an age-old fable will challenge expectations, beliefs, relationships, and the pitfalls of wielding power and agency. Consider the door open.

The Artists

Playwright Ruth Smart
Director Stefan Roseen
Fight Director Maya Prentiss
Composer & Sound Designer Dominick Vincent Alesia
Costume Designer Kyle Smart
Set Designer Elyse Estes
Lighting Designer Mallory Swisher
Special Effects Designer Jessica Miller
Technical Director Ethan Gasbarro
Propmaster Jackie Bobbitt
Assistant Costume Designer Keaton Stewart
Movement Coach Stephanie Lewis
ASM/The Woman in the Painting Paige Morin
Stage Manager Becky Valek

The Cast

Baba Yaga Emily Gulbrandsen
Piper Alexandra M. Hunter
Fred Asya Meadows
Willow Jaclyn Jensen
Ursula Anna Sciaccotta

The Spirits of the House
Rachel Borgo
Kelsey Fortier
Tulsi McDaniels
Anna Roemer


"Games witches play: The House of Baba Yaga puts a contemporary twist on a folktale. - Kerry Reid" Chicago Reader

"Something silly and deadly is afoot at The House of Baba Yaga - Karen Topham"