The Wood

By Mallory Swisher

October 4 - 20, 2018

7:30pm Thurs-Sat | 3pm Sun

A Boy wakes up to find himself lost in a mysterious forest and staring into the face of a strange Girl. Making a decision that is both inevitable and arbitrary, as most things are, the Boy and the Girl join forces to make their way through the Wood. Their world is alive and riddled with obstacles—including the rule of the malicious Faerie King. As every choice they make ricochets off of each stone in their path, the Girl and the Boy begin to understand more about their connection to one another. This dark, modern fairytale examines relationships through the distorted lens of fable, where loyalty, memory, choice, and sacrifice manifest themselves.

The Artists

Playwright Mallory Swisher
Director Stefan Roseen
Set Design Ethan Gasbarro
Composer & Sound Design Chris Gierymski
Costume Design Ann Kessler
Hair, Makeup, & Mask Design Jessica Dommer
Puppet Design Elyse Estes
Lighting Design Mallory Swisher
Choreography Megan Walter
Stage Manager Becky Valek

The Cast

Girl Rachel Borgo
Boy Josh Marshall
Faerie King Katherine Bellantone

Faerie Court/The Wood
Josh Pennington
Brandon Nelson
Nyajai Ellison
Megan Walter
Sierra Buffum