Hertha Nova

By Rachel Borgo

Based on the novel New Town by Harry Blamires

February 11-26, 2022

7:30pm Thurs-Sat | 3pm Sun

Bernard Dayman is well and truly dead. He knows this because one moment he’s tethered to an IV, and the next he finds himself standing in the middle of a bizarre city, caught in the motions of some kind of afterlife. However, resting in peace is not given in Old Hertham, the crumbling, decaying village he now inhabits.

While exploring his new home, Bernard stumbles upon Eve, an old flame from his earthly life, and her strong-willed daughter Marie. Things take another complicated turn when Bernard learns of the opportunity for deceased residents to apply to live in the alluring New Town, or Hertha Nova. He resolves to get his name on the list—no matter what measures must be taken. In this witty, offbeat new play, Impostor Rachel Borgo reimagines Harry Blamires’ “New Town: A Fable” and brings themes of virtue, greed, and our inherent desire for salvation into the light.

The Artists

Playwright/Stage Manager Rachel Borgo
Director Stefan Roseen
Composer Dominick Vincent Alesia
Costume, Hair & Makeup Designer Victor Lopez
Set Designer Ethan Gasbarro
Lighting Designer Benjamin Carne
Intimacy Director Kayla Menz
Dialect Coach Ian R. Q. Slater
Media Designer Kyle Smart

The Cast

Bernard Nick Strauss
Dr. Fisher Victoria Olivier
Eve Keaton Stewart
Marie/Young Eve Gail Harder
Len/Spectator/Michael Warden/Waiter Maxwell Peters
Guide/Professor Simpkins/Head Waiter/Objector Samm Hilger
Spectator/Henry/Old Herthamer/Police Officer/Clerk/Postal Officer/Waiter Zach Riley
Spectator/Radio Host/Old Herthamer/Judge Powers/Waiter/Firefighter/Christopher Godfrey Cayla Jones



"Keep dead and carry on - Dan Jakes" Chicago Reader

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