Stories from the River

By Kayla Belec

October 18 - November 2, 2019

7:30pm Thurs-Sat | 3pm Sun

Night after night, the Fisherman can be seen traveling up and down the Tippecanoe, searching for the one he loved and lost, a woman called Tippy. So Kirk tells his young niece and nephew one fateful summer, like he’s done every summer for as long as they can remember. Now grown, Ella and her family—her brother Terrence, her mother Lori, her father Brady, and her aunt Joan—reflect back on the stories Kirk told and the ones they’ve told themselves. As Kirk’s tales flood past the line between fable and reality, Ella and her loved ones reconcile with the past, the present, and the unknown.

Stepping into the shoes of characters from Kirk’s lore and the surrounding riverside community, the family breathes life into fiction, coloring the nuances of their inner lives in broad strokes. Throughout their storytelling, the elusive Tippy slips just out of reach.

Fed by dozens of natural lakes, the Tippecanoe is known as the river of lakes. Our favorite stories are fed by our fears. Tippy: Stories from the River is a story fed by both.

The Artists

Playwright Kayla Belec
Director Stefan Roseen
Dramaturg Rachel Borgo
Sound Designer & Composer Patrick Jansen
Costume Designer Emily Gulbrandsen
Set Designer Ethan Gasbarro
Lighting Designer Mallory Swisher
Stage Manager Becky Valek

The Cast

Kirk/Ranger Rick Dominick Alesia
Ella/Perry Keaton Stewart
Terrence/Jonsi RJ Cecott
Lana/Lori/Stan Julia Germeroth
Brady/Reggie/Owen Nick Strauss
Joan/The Crone Stephanie Lewis
Tippy Sarah Glasgow
Gale the Fisherman Matthew Perry Smith


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