By Stefan Roseen

October 14-29, 2022

8pm Thurs-Sat | 3pm Sun

Welcome to Windwater, Colorado, circa 1990. When you enter this territory, you take on the shape of a blurry outline on the horizon, at once eerily familiar and alien in your surroundings to any locals who mark your arrival. So Ma Fiddler describes the phenomenon to Gabriel and Emmett when she and her daughters happen upon them wandering through the dry terrain on a post-college walkabout. When Ma offers lodging to the two friends in exchange for their help around her ranch, Gabriel and Emmett agree.

Soon after settling in at the Fiddler ranch, Gabriel quickly realizes something strange is afoot. A recent tragedy within their host’s family laces every conversation with tension, and a slew of unsolved atrocities cropping up with increasing frequency in the Windwater community begins to close in on the isolated Fiddler homestead. Will the Fiddlers and their guests evade the threat rattling at their doorknob, or will they open the door and invite it in?

A neo-horror focused on the unspooling weight of isolation, grief, familial responsibility, and decision, Windwalkers will approach steadily and with little warning.

The Artists

Playwright Stefan Roseen
Director Stefan Roseen
Fight Director Maya Prentiss
Composer Ruth Smart
Costume, Hair & Makeup Designer Victor Lopez
Set Designer ---
Lighting Designer Ben Carne
Intimacy Director Kayla Menz
Puppet Designer Elyse Estes
Stage Manager Becky Valek

The Cast

Ma Fiddler Amy Gorelow
Jon Fiddler Drew Michele
Simon Fiddler Sonya Robinson
Tiffany "Tiff" Fiddler Anna Roemer
Gabriel Vincent Dominick Vincent Alesia
Emmett Fisk Lucas Matteson
Sheriff Edward Johnson/Biker/Radio Host Paul Chakrin
Deputy Richard Monroe/Biker 2/Creature Kevin Woodrow