Beyond the Garden Gate

By Mallory Swisher

April 12 - 27, 2024

7:30pm Thurs-Sat | 3pm Sun

“The liminal spaces are where all magic whispers and warps.”

Two sisters come of age listening to the simultaneously comforting and unsettling fairytales their grandmother tells them. Now adults, the sisters are living through Grandma’s stories once again–this time in a very unexpected and real way.

When Maeve moves in with their grandmother, ostensibly to care for her ailing health, her younger sister Kat learns that Maeve has become entrenched in solving the mystery at the heart of the stories they always took for fantasy. As Grandma’s health continues to deteriorate, Maeve becomes convinced that defeating the curse echoed throughout the fairytale will restore her Grandma’s vitality.

Venturing into the world hidden beneath the garden at the edges of their backyard, Kat will follow her sister down the rabbit hole to the depths of the darkest fairytale. There, they face the darkness encroaching and the darkness within.

The Artists

Playwright Mallory Swisher
Director Stefan Roseen

The Cast