Caged: An Allegory Staged Reading

Collaboraction Theatre

October 14, 2017

This past October The Impostors had another brimming house gathered for the staged reading of Caged: An Allegory, written and directed by Artistic Director Stefan Roseen. Our Accomplices enjoyed cider, treats, and some old-fashioned horror. It was the perfect seasonal event for the month of shivers and mystery! Stephanie Lewis delivered a chilling performance as the prized creation itself: a strange being under the scrutiny of four competitive Creatives. Our cast was equal parts ensemble (Chris Gierymski, Ali McLaughlin, and Emma Ruth Ritter) and Chicago artists (Timothy McCarthy and Robert Miles Hill.) Our guest artists invited fresh minds who braved the torrential downpour and lent their voices to our talk-back, led by ensemble member Kayla Belec. “Which of the Creatives did you connect with?” was a popular question, second only to: “When will the ACTUAL show premiere?”