Stories from the River

Staged Reading

The Edge Theatre

May 4, 2019

In May 2019, accomplices were invited to a staged reading of Tippy: Stories from the River by fellow Impostor Kayla Belec. This script weaves the tradition of storytelling in and out of the central family’s life, visiting eccentric characters along the Tippecanoe River. At the helm, the character of Kirk helps young Ella navigate grief, tension, and the pains of growing up. Our accomplices sat enrapt from start to finish in this beautifully haunting tale about love and loss, from every toe-tapping musical number to every poignant "moral" of each story.

The reading garnered a fantastic response; cathartic, even. Skull Session moderator and ensemble member Rachel Borgo ended the talkback by asking actors and artists: What would the river wash up of you? Be it a cellphone, a pillow, or a box of Popeye's biscuits, we bonded over the place of stories in our lives and identities. Be sure to catch our staged readings whenever you get a chance—it's an enriching experience for all involved.