Sterling Long
Ensemble Member

Sterling is a writer who is interested in technology and protecting artists’ rights.  He sees writing as a ritualistic process of renewal that deserves to be both shared and recognized.  As a child, Sterling believed that when he reached adulthood, he would be enlightened with grown-up thoughts.  Other than through paying bills, this has yet to happen.  He also never thought he would actively seek out a tofu product in the grocery. This has happened. Sterling is in constant pursuit of a strong cup of coffee, and seeks to use the caffeine and his imaginative impulse to continue sharing our stories.

“The poet, artist, painter, tragedian, and writer all attempt to escape and distract us from the present through the use of art, entertainment, and words.  Whether it is through a scientific or creative approach, writers take their readers, and themselves, on a journey to understand the pain and grief that comes from the human struggles of experiencing loss and devastation. Without this art, we lose ourselves.” -- Sterling Long

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