Chris Gierymski
Executive Director

Chris finds inspiration in Stephen Sondheim’s works as he strives to become a better actor and composer. He hopes to write music that speaks to a diverse group of people and have that music act as a way for them to not only be challenged, but to use the art as a means to escape their lives for that short amount of time. Chris continues to look for the moments where he can experience art without expecting to find it, such as in a painting or a musical performance in a coffee shop. In The Impostors, Chris looks to find and create art that continues to reach out and challenge his own ideas, beliefs, and goals, as well as those around him. Stay tuned for his neck modeling career.

“Challenge is the most important to me because I think our greatest accomplishments are achieved through discourse. There is no complacency when one is being challenged.”
-- Chris Gierymski

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