Allison Grischow
Ensemble Member

Allison is a teaching artist, improvisor, actor, and an aerialist who strives to make people feel empowered and spread as much love as possible. She hopes to help the world understand that vulnerability doesn't have to be seen as a weakness: there is strength in vulnerability. She is responsible for reaching out to the community, helping us to coalesce with as many people as possible. She creates opportunities for The Impostors to join forces with the community and contribute to the community through education and art. Outside of (and sometimes during) her Impostors duties, Allison can be found singing loudly and dancing her tail off.

“We all need to get better at coming together. There are many beliefs that divide us, but we all need to get better at this. This requires listening, empathy, and even feeling uncomfortable. It takes hard work to dive into the unfamiliar, but it's worth it.”
-- Allison Grischow

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