Ali McLaughlin
Ensemble Member

Warning: this bio includes nudity. Ali is an honest, funny, and charismatic performer. Her resolve comes from observing the long line of women throughout history that have been told “no” but have continued anyway. A not-so-elegant, but perhaps perfect example of this attitude from her own life is when her mom told a four-year-old Ali that she couldn’t run around with her shirt off like all the neighborhood boys. In response, Ali tore off her shirt and began running down the street. When not doing standup or doting on her rescue dog, she lends her talents to The Impostors. She holds the belief that theatre is a perfect place to be challenged and to challenge others.

“As a proud morning person, I find that the few hours before the world starts getting up are really fantastic. The sun makes the Chicago garbage glisten, and since you're already awake, you don't want to shoot the chirping birds. You can be smug for the rest of the morning with how awake you are, which is just FANTASTIC.”
-- Ali McLaughlin

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