Alexis Willis
Ensemble Member

Alexis is passionate about being a life-long learner, acquiring as much knowledge as she can about the characteristics that result in an abundant life. She is also passionate about cultivating life-long relationships, exhibiting excellence in the visual and performing arts, studying the various ethnic and religious cultures around the world along with their authentic expressions of creativity, and allowing nature and the natural world to be a part of her everyday life. If she could do anything, she would travel the world with a sketchbook, a journal, a pen, a camera, and her bamboo flutes to document both the good and the bad stories that make up the people of the world.

“I have my childlike moments of not wanting to become frumpy and bitter about life, but I also find myself thinking deep thoughts everyday and wondering: Where is the Justice? I love fantasy and wonder. I think humans crave the fantastic deeply. Some find this desire satisfied in their God, or gods, and religion. I think others satisfy this desire through literature, poetry, art, movies, and television.” – Alexis Willis

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