Caged: An Allegory

By Stefan Roseen

February 15 - March 2, 2019

7:30pm Thurs-Sat | 3pm Sun

Three artists receive an invitation from a former classmate to “…celebrate the birth of a masterpiece. An artistic touchstone for this millennium…” Upon arrival, the three estranged friends are greeted by a large mass covered by a tarp, sitting in the middle of a small gallery—a cage. In a great flourish, the tarp is pulled off to reveal “It”—a beautiful, frightening, and dangerous creature. Talons form It’s hands and feathers grow from It’s body. Nevertheless, the creature resembles a young woman, which sets in motion a heated argument between It’s creator and the three artists about It’s true being. Throughout this comedy/horror hybrid of a play, questions of identity and responsibility to one another rip the group apart as the friends begin to realize that they really don’t know anything about each other…or about themselves.


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